Why people should visit my blog!

Well to be honest, im not sure you should visit my blog. Im not funny, exciting, or at all interesting. I really think that if I were to visit this blog and didn’t know the guy who wrote it i would probably never come back. But then maybe its just me cuz i really wouldn’t want to listen to myself rant on and on. That just kinda how i am. I definatly a better listerner than I am a talker. Well thats all i have today. This is Jaris and I made Windows 7 AND 8. Talk to ya later.

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3 thoughts on “Why people should visit my blog!

  1. Jaris,
    Love the comedic style of writing despite it being negative. There are lots of quirky people out there who would probably enjoy visiting your blog.

  2. Ha my blog was pretty much exactly like this. By the way congrats on making windows 7 and 8

  3. Hi Jaris,

    I found your blog via the Student Blogging Challenge thing and Miss W asked me to look at your blog and leave a comment.

    I agree with her, dude, but don’t think it’s just ‘quirky’ people who will enjoy visiting you blog: don’t beat yourself up so much.

    Everyone has interesting thoughts and the solution to ranting on and on is, well, not ranting. What you think are rants, others will actually find interesting if you develop your thoughts for a couple of hundred words; you’d be surprised. And the great thing about the Internet is that it’s such a huge mash up of people from all round the world and so many different cultures. Human experience is different but the same, so someone will find your posts and identify with them. After all, what’s normal? You’ll also get to develop your own thoughts about your own life as part of the bargain.

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